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I’m a man of few words when I have nothing to say!

The definition of politics....
“If the choice is between making you pay the gas tax this summer and making the big oil companies pay out of their record profits…to me the choice is clear” ~Hillary

Yeah that makes sense, let’s tax the oil companies and force them to raise their prices to cover the tax so that we can pay the same amount, if not more, than we were before….BRILLIANT!!!!!

Easter just teaches kids to put all their eggs in one basket
My brothers graduation

We found Waldo...now where the fuck is Ryan???

Confusion clarifierCollapse )

(no subject)
No more of my entries will appear unquoted in people’s away messages
and no multi-billion dollar corporation will ever again make money off my ideas
FUCK YOU McDONALD’S!!!!!! (If I could afford a lawyer…I’d be rich)